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Morgan has been making Carbtune vacuum gauges in various forms since 1979. The company has always tried to produce the best device possible for the most affordable price.

In any of the independent tests carried out on Carbtunes over the years they have always equalled or outperformed other equipment regardless of the price.


Carbtune I

Over the years we have built up a vast amount of knowledge on balancing carburettors and there have been countless small improvements and several complete redesigns to make the equipment more sophisticated and easier to use.

The original Carbtunes made in 1979 were basic but worked very well and had a common thread in using mercury as the operating medium.

Carbtune II

When we decided to design the Carbtune II we had a completely blank sheet of paper and all options were considered. It had to have all the advantages of the Carbtune I, simple, accurate, easy to read, affordable and reliable but it also had to be mercury-free, robust, compact and user serviceable.

We think the Carbtune II has met all the criteria and we hope that you do too.


Carbtune Pro

Upgraded from the Carbtune II in 2007. The Carbtune Pro has all the advantages of the old Carbtune using the same principles but in a fully injection moulded casing and tubes that make the overall design more consistent.






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